British man changes name to Celine Dion after being sloshed. Regrets later

It seems that Canadian singer Celine Dion has loyal fans in Britain who are even willing to bear her name while intoxicated. A Briton from Birmingham was so upset while listening to Celine’s Christmas concert last month that he decided to legally change his name to Celine Dion. However, after getting sober and realizing just how far he has come, Thomas Dodd wants to return to his original name as soon as possible.

A Birmingham en direct report mentions that 30-year-old Thomas Dodd had drunk too much watching the Canadian singer’s concert at Christmas and a few days later had to pay £ 89 as he officially took his name.

A hotel manager in Clifton Campville near Tamworth and Lichfield Thomas told Birmingham Live he was “slightly obsessed” with the 52-year-old singer. He added that during the coronavirus Locked out in Britain, he had watched a lot of concerts live on television. Thomas said he could only think he watched one of Celine’s concerts and got the idea after a few drinks.

This idea has now become something of a threat in Thomas’ life, as he almost passed out when he received the envelopes with the official documents showing his new name. Thomas’ first thought when he realized his new name was how he would tell the human resources department in his office that he needs to change his name in the footer of the email.

Thomas also fears that the police will stop him by chance and ask him to identify himself. He told the local news portal that he had yet to introduce himself to his neighbor and did not know how it would turn out.

The name change process also cost him a decent sum. Drunk Thomas had requested eight more certificates to prove his new name and for each certificate he now has to pay £ 10.

The hilarious incident didn’t go well with Thomas’ mother who was pissed off by her son’s extreme act as a Celine Dion fan. But in order to convince his mother, Thomas told her that she should be thankful that he didn’t change his name to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who doesn’t have concerts.

Looking at the brighter side, Thomas is happy people are laughing at his spending in a year that hasn’t brought much comedic relief.

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