British teacher robbed while trying to buy a PlayStation 5

Teacher Mark Lee from Oxfordshire, England was robbed while trying to buy a PlayStation 5. A young music teacher, who recently turned 22, went to Birmingham where he had to buy a home console for $ 850, which he found via Facebook.

The seller insisted that Mark pay for the PS5 in cash and gave the teacher the exact address to pick it up from.

Arrived at the specified address, Lee in the alley met two robbers in hoods, who began to threaten the teacher with knives, demanding to give them money.

I was so excited, I was already thinking how I would get this PlayStation 5, go home with it and spend the night playing games with my friends. But instead, these two came up to me as I walked down the alley and pulled out these huge knives. I was scared. I was horrified and completely shocked – I just gave them my wallet and ran in the opposite direction.

I knew there were scammers, but I had no idea how serious and cruel they could be. These people threatened to kill me.

After the incident, Mark Lee contacted the nearest police station. Law enforcement agencies have already opened a criminal case into the robbery. An investigation is underway.

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