Britney Spears’ father filed request to end guardianship

Britney Spears’ father has asked a court to end the guardianship he has exercised over his daughter for 13 years.

Jaime Spears, father of singer Britney Spears, filed an order to end the guardianship of his daughter.

According to CNN, a court document shows that Britney Spears’ father has asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to end the guardianship he has exercised over his daughter for 13 years.

“Recent events related to this guardianship have cast doubt on whether circumstances have changed to such an extent that there are no longer grounds to establish a guardianship,” the filing says.

The hearing of the case is still scheduled for next September 29.

Free Britney

Jamie Spears, Britney Spears’ father, could soon renounce guardianship and preserve his daughter’s inheritance, US media reported since August 12.

In accordance with TMZ, Jamie Spears has agreed to relinquish guardianship of his daughter, and wants to reach an orderly transitional agreement with the courts.

In documents delivered this Thursday in the Superior Court of Los Angeles, the lawyer for the artist’s father confirms that he agrees to delegate that function to another person, which would not annul Britney’s guardianship but would leave her out of it. family.

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“However, even though Mr. Spears is the incessant target of unwarranted attacks, he does not believe that a public battle with his daughter for her service as a tutor is the best for her,” says the document, the content of which was first released by the newspaper. TMZ and confirmed later by the magazine Variety.

In fact, there is no real reason to suspend or remove Spears as guardian of real estate … and guardians at this time will be in Spears’ best interest, ”said her attorney.

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‘Her father will always love her’

According to official documents, the singer’s father notes that “regardless of his formal title, Mr. Spears has always been the father of Britney Spears, he will always love her unconditionally and will always pay attention to her best interests.”

“However, even though Mr. Spears is a constant target of unwarranted attacks, he overcame his continued service as his guardian. I don’t think the public fight with my daughter is in her best interest, so you should contest this unwarranted request, but Mr. Spears did work with the court and your daughter’s new attorney. I will prepare for an orderly transition, ”adds his attorney.

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At the moment, the hearing of the end of September is maintained, where the replacement of Britney’s father by a financial advisor will be negotiated, which would virtually nullify all the powers that the father has over Britney, since the medical aspects of his guardianship are supervised by attorney Jody Montgomery.

The father and Montgomery are the only ones still involved in the case after the resignation of the previous lawyer appointed for Britney, her artistic representative and an investment fund that controlled the wealth of the singer along with Jamie Spears.

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