Britney Spears’ father hinted at his daughter’s unstable psyche

Jamie Spears does not intend to give up custody so easily, so he finds new arguments why he should continue to control his daughter.

The father of American pop singer Britney Spears, Jamie Spears, said with reference to the opinion of her daughter’s personal guardian, Jodie Montgomery, that the artist “is out of control, report western media.

Last week, documents came to court, where Spears Sr. mentioned telephone conversations with Montgomery, who allegedly raised the issue of the possibility of compulsory treatment of the singer in a psychiatric hospital. This practice is known as 5150 among mental health professionals.

Jamie Spears claims that Montgomery, who has been in charge of Britney’s personal life and health care since late 2018, called him back on July 9th and “with dismay in her voice” said how worried she was about the artist’s recent behavior and her overall mental health.

According to him, the guardian complained that Britney “did not take her medication properly and refused to see her doctors,” and begged him to intervene.

“After Ms Montgomery detailed her concerns about my daughter’s recent behavior, safety and general well-being, she suggested options, including Psychiatric Treatment 5150, which raised my concerns,” Mr Spears said.

However, Montgomery later withdrew the application, sending an edited letter three days later, which no longer mentioned 5150.

In turn, the woman referred to by Britney Spears’ father refuted his words. Montgomery’s lawyers said that she never spoke about the need for compulsory treatment of the ward.

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“The concern Ms. Montgomery expressed to Mr. Spears during their phone call is that forcing Ms. Spears to testify or assess her could negatively impact her mental health,” a statement.

Montgomery officials reiterated their request to immediately strip Jamie Spears of control over the singer’s money and finances, calling it “critical.”

“Ms. Montgomery cannot stress this enough – the sooner the court considers the suspension of Mr. Spears’ powers, the better for Ms. Spears, her emotional health and well-being.” it says in documents.

But the attorneys of Britney Spears’ father assure that he faithfully fulfilled his duties and saved the artist’s estate from disaster when she faced “tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits.”

The documentation also states that his “only motivation was his unconditional love for his daughter and a fierce desire to protect her from those who try to take advantage of her.” They also argue that “there is no reason to remove him from the position of guardian of the estate.”

James Spears took control of his daughter’s estate and finances in 2008.

Meanwhile, Britney herself claims that everything is in order with her health. She recently revealed that hanging out with animals is the best therapy for her and posted a video of petting pigs.

However, along with “decent” photos and recordings, the artist began to share very frank content. For example, a celebrity posted footage of posing with bare chest.

The celebrity, whose fortune is estimated at $ 60 million, recently boasted of the first iPad in his life, which alarmed her fans a lot. She previously stated that she would not take the stage as long as her father was in control of her career.

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