Britney Spears’ struggle to regain control of her life (taken from her by her father)

We also know that a year later Spears’ attorney, Sam Ingham III, filed a request for Montgomery to continue in that role, claiming that his client was “vehemently opposed” to her parent being her guardian. We also know that, during the period she has been mentored, Spears has worked non-stop. He released four albums, did the same number of world tours, and, on his hit Las Vegas resident show, Piece of Me, he gave 248 concerts in four years, in which he raised $ 50,000 per show. We don’t know if Spears wanted to be on stage or in the recording studio, if she’s happy, if she’s okay.

For many of his fans, the answers can be found on his Instagram. What to the uninitiated may seem like a messy collection of selfies, inspirational quotes and videos, according to followers of the #FreeBritney movement is a desperate plea for help. First is the color of the artist’s blouse, which apparently coincided with the suggestions that some left in the comments for her to wear yellow (or red, or blue, or whatever) if she was in trouble. There were also the roses, “a symbol of stealth and silence,” as one user pointed out. In one video the singer takes nine steps back and forth, which means SOS in Morse code. Also, of course, there were her eyelashes. “As far as I know, I was the first to notice,” says Iysis Johns, a 17-year-old from Pennsylvania. What he saw were the words “Call 911” written across Spears’ lower lashes in an Instagram photo of the singer posing in the shade of a tree. Johns says that he had never paid much attention to the singer. “Unfortunately, I was one of so many people who called her ‘crazy’. But he saw a video on TikTok in which “it was explained how serious his lack of freedom is” and began to take an interest in the subject. “I did my research and saw Britney mention ‘eyes’ in the caption, so I thought there must be a message.” Johns recounted in the comments what he had seen, and soon after thousands of fans began to see it too.

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