Britney’s new lawyer wants Jamie Spears’ guardianship removed

“First, I want to thank Britney Spears once again for her courage and strength,” Rosengart said in a video she shared on Twitter. “I want to thank Judge (Brenda) Penny for her courtesy in welcoming me and my firm in this case. And I also want to thank the fans and supporters of Britney Spears. The outreach and support for my firm, for me. And most importantly, for Britney it has been really overwhelming. “

“Finally, and the last thing I’m going to say on this matter, is as I said in court last week, and outside, my firm and I are moving aggressively and quickly to file a petition to remove Jamie Spears unless he quit first. “

Britney Spears

Britney’s “main goal” after hiring Rosengart, a source told People magazine, is to have her father Jamie removed as guardian of her estate. “She is very happy and excited to have a new representation,” said the source. “She feels like she’s finally headed to get this over with.”

Rosengart is also expected to ask the court to waive a mental health evaluation for Britney, who “doesn’t have much confidence in the doctors she has worked with so far,” the insider added.


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