Briton renames himself “Celine Dion” after a Christmas too drunk – RCI

Thomas Dodd or rather “Celine Dion” officially changed his name to that of the famous Quebec singer while he was sipping a magnum of champagne in front of one of his shows. (Photo: Francois Mori / AP Photo)

Christmas Eve can be particularly festive for some and sometimes a bit too much – leading to some incongruous things being done.

This is the case of Thomas Dodd or rather “Celine Dion” who officially changed her name to that of the famous Quebec singer while he was sipping a magnum of champagne in front of one of his shows.

“Honestly, in all seriousness, I don’t remember doing it,” the 30-something told the New York Post. “I remember watching the concert and ending up pretty drunk. “

During an interview with the local media Birmingham LiveMr. Dion added that he was “slightly obsessed” with the singer.

“During the lockdown, I watched a lot of concerts live on television. I think I looked at one of his and got a “great idea” after a few drinks! “

The hospitality worker living in Staffordshire, England, had previously attended a Celine concert in Birmingham in 2019.

Twitter post: Level 4 is the last of my worries – I just got home and found a letter. Apparently at some point during Christmas I had one too many drinks and legally changed my name to Celine Dion!

An easy process to change your name

The steps to officially change your name in the UK are fairly straightforward.

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In his interviews, the new Celine Dion says she realized her actions when she received the official documents attesting to her name change a few days after Christmas.

Sut Twitter, he posted a photo showing multiple copies of the attestation letter, the legal document that proves the name change. This letter serves as proof in order to modify his passport, driver’s license and other official documents.

Mr Dion added that he allegedly paid £ 89 (around C $ 150) online to make the switch.

Now, the one who has already changed his name on social networks says he wants to keep his new name and first name.

“As it is, I keep it,” he told the New York Post, while adding that “it all depends on how difficult it makes my life”.

The dream of new Dion is now to meet his idol.

With information from HuffPost and New York Post.

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Posted: Thursday September 19 2019

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