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[The Epoch Times, December 29, 2020](Reported by Jack Phillips/Zhang Yujie) US Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama is the first to propose a joint meeting of Congress on January 6. Members of Congress who challenge the electoral votes. He said recently that many members of the House of Representatives will support this plan.

“Many members of the House of Representatives agree with me. We will initiate or jointly initiate a challenge to the electoral college voting results.” Brooks told Fox News on the morning of December 28.

Congress will convene a joint meeting on January 6, when the electoral votes of each state will be counted and certified. If you want to challenge the electoral votes of a certain state, you need to have a congressman and a senator together.

So far, in addition to many Republican congressmen, Alabama’s elected senator Tommy Tuberville (Tommy Tuberville) and Kentucky senator Rand Paul (Rand Paul) have both indicated that they may join the Brooks plan. But they did not issue a public statement.

Some senior Republicans, including John Thune, the Republican whip in the Senate, said that no matter who participated, Brooks’s challenge plan would fail.

Brooks said: “The real question is whether the senators have done their homework and whether they have all studied the problems in this election… Now there is the most serious election fraud and election stealing in American history.”

“Unfortunately, Republicans don’t want to know more about it or make difficult decisions,” Brooks said. “Congressman Adam Kinzinger recently called my proposal a “scam.” If he If you look at it, you will see a lot of evidence (proving election fraud). On this issue, he will either surrender to those who support election fraud or fight for his country.”

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For several weeks, Brooks has always stated that he will not give up his plan to challenge the electoral votes of swing states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona.

Brooks previously told The Epoch Times that he believes the electoral vote can be rejected and the House of Representatives will eventually make a ruling.

Brooks said that the Federal Electoral Reform Commission, co-chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Reagan administration official James Baker, issued a report in 2005 warning that mailed votes could lead to election fraud.

“The warning they issued is exactly the problem facing the 2020 US general election.” Brooks said.

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