Brussels: Cars and street furniture on fire, fireworks seized on New Year’s Eve

The Brussels-Capital Region Fire and Emergency Medical Service (SIAMU) intervened about twenty times for burning vehicles, between 6 p.m. and midnight on New Year’s Eve. The service was also called for street furniture on fire and STIB also noted damage. If the police intervened on multiple occasions for the use of pyrotechnic material, less than twenty violations of the rules relating to Covid-19 were noted. SIAMU received no less than 55 calls for street furniture on fire between 6 p.m. and midnight on Thursday and had to intervene 20 times for vehicles on fire, including eleven in the Brussels Midi police zone.
STIB also noted the degradation of three buses, two trams and two tram shelters.
According to an initial assessment of the security services of six Brussels police zones (Bruxelles Capitale Ixelles, Bruxelles-Ouest, Midi, Marlow, Montgomery, Bruxelles-Nord), the police intervened nearly 370 times during the first part of the night . Seven judicial arrests were made in the Brussels-Capital Ixelles area and eight in the Brussels-North area. The police also made nearly 140 administrative arrests in all areas.
Many interventions concerned the use of fireworks which were seized.
On the other hand, few findings of non-compliance with the rules relating to Covid-19 are to be noted. Non-compliance with the curfew was observed on seven occasions in the Brussels-West zone and once in the Brussels-North zone. Failure to comply with the ban on assembly was observed six times in the Marlow zone and twice in the Brussels-West zone. Only two “lockdown parties” were noted by the authorities.

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