Buc-ee’s to break ground on new store in Hillsboro

Buc-ee’s will begin construction of a new shop in Hillsboro this month.

The store will be visible from I-35, but is slightly east of the busy north-south artery at an exit off US Highway 77.

Construction work on the store, on land about 60 miles south of Dallas in Hill County, will break ground Jan. 24, with it expected to open in mid-2024, a Buc-ee’s spokeswoman said.

The store will have 120 gasoline pumps and will employ 200 people

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The Texan company, known for its large convenience stores and clean restrooms, has been planning a store in Hillsboro for some time.

At the beginning of last year he was trying to get permission from the city to erect a 125-foot tall sign, 25 feet higher than what is currently allowed.

Finally, in April, the announcement of the beaver, emblem of the company, was approved.

And if you do the math, the 74,000-square-foot store won’t be the largest in the state.

Buc-ee’s has said the store it is building in Luling, south of Austin, will be its largest, at 75,000 square feet.

The Lake Jackson company has been busy building stores in Texas and other states.

Buc-ee’s now has 44 stores in Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee.

And soon construction will begin on more in Colorado and Missouri.

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