Buell Dune Racer with 185 HP The wildest enduro bike!

185 hp trail enduro

The enduro model, or obviously sporty trail jacket, is being developed on the basis of the 1190 HCR, with which Logan Cipala has already successfully competed in tests. Hillclimbing and became US champion in 2020. With 185 hp, the Buell Baja 1190 is destined to become the most powerful and fastest production enduro in the world. The engine used here is also the water-cooled 1190 V-twin with an unusual 72-degree cylinder layout, which was originally developed by Rotax for Buell. Meanwhile, this engine is no longer manufactured by Rotax in Austria, its origin, but in the USA. In addition to the 185 CV of maximum power at 10,600 rpm, 138 Nm of maximum torque at 8,200 rpm are mentioned.

Long steel chassis for the fast Baja 1190

The Baja 1190’s chassis consists of a steel frame, an upside-down telescopic fork, and a surprisingly long rear swingarm. This translates into a tremendously long wheelbase, variable from 1,625 to 1,778 millimeters.. The head angle – also trimmed for straight-line stability – is 63.25 degrees and the seat height is just 95 millimeters. Buell has yet to announce weight or other details for the Baja 1190 DR Dune Racer.

Sport Enduro instead of Buell’s enduro touring

By the way, this isn’t Buell’s first Enduro. In 2005 the Buell XB 12 X Ulysses appeared, back then still with an air-cooled 1200 V-twin from Harley-Davidson. Although the slightly raised Ulysses gave the impression of an enduro touring, it was not a true enduro, that is, suitable for off-road use, with its wide-tire road wheels and belt final drive. toothed. It was a commercial failure. Will the extreme concept of the Baja 1190 be better received? We’ll see…

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