Buffalo Headdress Conspirator Jake Angeli Arrested

Jacob Anthony Chansley, aka Jake Angeli, the shirtless, buffalo horned and painted conspirator who had magnetized photographers and cameras across Capitol Hill, was arrested and charged with unlawful trespassing and violent conduct on Capitol Hill, said the US Department of Justice in a statement.

“This individual was armed with a two-meter-long spear with an American flag attached just under the blade,” the statement said.

Originally from Arizona (southwest), this thirty-something, who calls himself a “spiritual warrior” and calls himself “The Wolf of Yellowstone”, has already been seen on numerous occasions during pro-Trump protests in Phoenix in recent months. , systematically wearing his famous headdress.


Jacob Anthony Chansley, alias Jake Angeli, presents himself as a “digital soldier of QAnon”, the conspiratorial movement of which Donald Trump is the hero and which saw Wednesday’s intrusion as a triumph. “We are patriots, on the front in Arizona, who want to bring our positive energy to (Washington),” he wrote in a message posted in December on the darling ultra-conservative social network Speak.

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According to ABC, he himself contacted the FBI’s Federal Department of Criminal Investigation on Thursday, explaining that he was part, along with other Arizona “patriots,” of a group that had responded to the FBI’s call. President Donald Trump to all “patriots” to come to the capital.

The man, who, according to investigators, has a large following on social networks, was finally arrested on Saturday.

Adam Christian Johnson, the 30-year-old in the Trump hat pictured all smiles carrying the desk of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was also arrested Friday in Florida (southwest) and charged with the same charges but also theft.



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