Burton Albion vs Birmingham City (16th July 2022) bets and odds

On July 16, 2022 at 15:00 Moscow time, a Club Friendlies match will take place, in which local club Burton Albion will host Birmingham City, the national championship rival, at their stadium.


At 15:00 Moscow time, fans of this football tournament will be closely following the events in the match between Burton Albion and Birmingham City. It is not so long to wait for this match, because it is already scheduled for July 16, 2022. The statistics of this confrontation speaks in favor of the home team, as they have not lost personal meetings with this opponent for four years. In the last eight matches there were six wins and two draws. The last time the football club Burton Albion lost five years ago, but then the team had other owners and more modest financial opportunities.

The football match between Burton Albion and Birmingham City was originally scheduled to take place last month, but due to bad weather conditions, it was postponed to July 16, 2022. And in Moscow, the start of the fight will be at 15:00. The rivals are not only well aware of each other, but their last meeting was relatively recent, as it took place last month. Then the victory with a score of 4-2 was celebrated by the football club Burton Albion. Last year there were two more matches, and in them the players of the Burton Albion club also won: 1-0 and 3-0.

Burton Albion

Three years ago, no one really knew about such a football club as Burton Albion, but as soon as it changed owners, crazy progress followed, so now the team is spending its debut season in this division. It is very important for the hosts to gain a foothold here, because so far this has not been possible, since the football club Bad Gleichenberg is in third place from the end, and to leave the relegation zone you need to score at least two points. The management continues to trust the head coach, even despite the fact that during the season there have already been several obviously failed matches. In the last five rounds, Burton Albion generally demonstrates extremely weak results, losing four times and scoring only one victory, and over the same outsider with a score of 3-2. The team plays equally poorly both at home and in away matches, and the weak point of the hosts is defense. Two midfielders will definitely not enter the field, and the participation of the left winger in the game is also questionable.

Last season, the football club Birmingham City won the league title, but this season there is no talk of defending the trophy. The head coach started having problems with many players of the main squad, so there is no longer that well-played fighting team that smashed everyone last year. The guests occupy only the fourth place in the championship, and the gap from the leader is so large that the team now only has to fight to not lose its place in European competition. The football club Birmingham City plays equally both at home and in away matches, and this season the guests only demonstrate a reliable game in defense, but the team’s performance has fallen significantly compared to last year. Birmingham City FC recently went on an eight-match unbeaten streak, but in the last round, the team unexpectedly lost at home to an outsider, conceding three unanswered goals into their own net. The only loss of the guests is the left striker.

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Forecast and rate from forumtatarstan.ru

After a short break on July 16, 2022, many European championships resume, so you can already see the football match between Burton Albion and Birmingham City. According to Moscow time, it will be broadcast live at 15:00. This and last season, these rivals did not meet on the football field, as they represented different divisions, and two years ago there were two matches between them. Both matches were won by the Birmingham City football club, having first smashed at home with a score of 4-0, and then won away with a score of 3-2.

This championship has not carried any intrigue for several years now, because no matter how the season starts, the Burton Albion football club will still be the winner. This time, the team was also unable to immediately get the lead, and for a long time was on the second line, but recently the leader lost, and this loss cost him the first position, as the hosts managed to get ahead and currently have a slight advantage of two points. Not only is the football club Bad Gleichenberg performing very consistently this season, the team also demonstrates an excellent game in its field, which concerns not only the championship, but also European Cups. The hosts have a powerful attack, and the defense is the most reliable in the championship, because on average, the football club Bad Gleichenberg concedes less than one goal in two games. At the moment, the hosts are giving out a series of twelve victories, and there are no personnel losses in the team, because only the reservists are injured.

In recent years, the football club Birmingham City has again become one of the leaders in this championship, and this season the fans have hope for the long-awaited title. For most of the season, the guests led the standings, but it was worth losing points in two matches, as the first line was lost, so now Birmingham City are in second place and four points behind the leader. On the road, the team shows no worse results than at home, demonstrating attacking football. But, even though Birmingham City are already on a six-win streak, there is no guarantee that they will be able to close the gap from the leading team, as they are also in good shape. The guests do not experience personnel problems, because almost all the key players are healthy and in excellent shape. Only the right midfielder and central defender are injured, but there are worthy understudies in these positions. The right striker’s entry into the field is questionable, as he has recently recovered from an injury, so the coach can release him as a substitute.

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Today match Burton Albion – Birmingham City Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Bookmakers, according to the experts of our resource, offer not entirely correct odds for a football match between the team of Burton Albion and the team of Birmingham City. In bookmakers, the clear favorite of the confrontation is the home team, and the bookmakers put too much odds on the home team. Yes, even if the game of the Birmingham City team leaves much to be desired now, however, if you look at the statistics of the performance of this football club against teams of the level of the Burton Albion team, you can see that the guests have never lost with such a handicap, not at home, not in away matches. Therefore, the main bet on the match between the team of Burton Albion and the team of Birmingham City, our experts see a plus handicap on the guests. The total number of goals in the match is also slightly overestimated, the Burton Albion team this season does not belong to those clubs that arrange a defeat for their rivals, the team limits itself to a few goals scored, and then simply does not allow the opponent to attack. The guests also do not miss much, but in away matches they think more about defense than attack. Therefore, the total total goals in the match, we advise you to play for less. But the players of the Birmingham City team foul a lot, so the individual total of yellow cards of the guests should be played for more, and the home team also breaks the rules a lot, so the total total of yellow cards for more – in this match also looks like a promising bet.

All football matches, regardless of the status of the clubs participating in them, are of great interest to fans of this sport. Of course, the top championships, in which famous football clubs take part, in which famous football players play, attract much more attention, as fans are eager to watch the actions of football stars on the football field and enjoy the goals scored. Our experts try to choose the most interesting football battles for forecasting, in which two well-known teams meet and the result of which is very difficult to predict in advance. One of these matches will be a meeting between the team of Burton Albion and the team of Birmingham City. Both football clubs have been playing in the championship for a long time, so they have repeatedly met each other and are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s game. At the helm of the clubs are experienced mentors, who have vast practical experience in the best football clubs in the world. Coaches have a large number of trophies, so they know how to choose the right words for their wards, which will set them up only to win today’s match. Each team has its own unique style, thanks to which the players act as a whole and achieve high results. We hope that today’s match will be of the highest football standard and the fans will remember it for a long time!

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TODAY MATCH Burton Albion – Birmingham City. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Our experts have chosen an interesting football match to predict. The team of Burton Albion and the team of Birmingham City will play each other within the championship. Both clubs are fighting for different places in the championship, but this does not mean that one team is the favorite of the match, and the other is an outsider. In modern football, there is no longer such a thing as a favorite and an outsider. The fact is that today the teams have begun to act more aggressively, and even the giants of modern football need to snatch victories in every match, overcoming the opponent’s defensive redoubts, and constantly defending themselves from his numerous attacks. Today, almost all teams have adopted the attacking tactics of the game. This means that the weaker team tries not to sit on the defensive, but constantly threaten the gates of their stronger opponents. This adds spectacle to football and unpredictability to matches, as such a game gives weak teams hope for points in matches with strong opponents. Remember, before, weak clubs tried to set up a bus against strong teams, often such matches ended in a minimal victory for a strong club, less often – weak teams were content with a draw. Everything has changed today. Open football is a chance for weak clubs, as well as a joy for fans who can watch a large number of goals scored in a match and the game of their idols.




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