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Tips for traveling by bus

If you are abroad, study a little of the language of the place where you are. Not only can it get you out of trouble on your bus trip between Montgomery and Berwick, but it will also be enjoyable for the locals, who are sure to appreciate it.

On your bus trip from Montgomery to Berwick, you’ll be treated to a few surprises – from miles of beautiful natural scenery to stunning man-made views.

The bus is energy efficient. Taking a passenger by bus for more than 100 kilometers consumes only 0.6 to 0.9 liters of gasoline. Compare that to the 2.6 liters needed for the high-speed train, the 6.6 liters for the airplane and the 7.6 liters for the gasoline car; the bus is clearly a much more environmentally friendly option for your trip from Montgomery to Berwick.

Make a music playlist for your bus ride from Montgomery to Berwick and take in the sights to songs from your own soundtrack.

Did you know?

9.2% of intercity trips in Europe are made by bus, compared to 7.4% by train.

The bus driver with the longest trajectory in the world drove more than 3,200,000 kilometers and happily holds the world record.

The average number of passengers on a bus is 32, which means that one bus could replace a minimum of 30 cars!

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