Cage The Elephant’s Matt Shultz Arrested For Gun Possession

// By: Oscar Adame

Fri 6 January, 2023

The unexpected news of 2023 continues and now the one who surprises is the vocalist and leader of Cage the Elephant, Matt Shultzwho was arrested in New York, accused of possession of weapons.

On Wednesday, January 4, an employee of the Bowery Hotel supposedly saw it bring a gun to a public restroom on the ground floor. Police showed up at his room on January 5 and Shultz admitted that he had two .45 caliber pistolsa Sign Sauer and one Smith & Wessonalthough at the time he claimed not to remember if they were still at the hotel.

Police detained Shultz, and a judge issued a warrant allowing his hotel room to be searched. Both firearms were found loaded. Shultz did not have a license to carry them.

Shultz, 39, spent the night in the Manhattan 9th precinct and has been charged with felony possession of a firearm. On 6 January, he was reportedly taken to the Hospital Bellevue to pick up some medicine before returning a few hours later.

The musician has no criminal record. Cage the Elephant formed in 2006 and have released five albums, two winners of Grammy Award for Best Rock Albumincluding the most recent Social Cues (2019)by which we interviewed him about the serial killers he admires.

Cage The Elephant is a sextet formed within the city of Kentucky, United States, by brothers Matt and Brad Shultz, in the company of their childhood friends, Nick Bockrath, Matthan Minster, Daniel Tichenor and Jared Champion, Cage The Elephant is has become one of the most purposeful and commercially successful rock bands in the current music industry.

They grew up in a precarious economic situation, but quickly, Cage The Elephant began to attract attention due to their colorful imagination and talent for building heavy songs, influenced by the chaotic instrumentations of the Pixies and Nirvana, as well as simple ballads, but of a great emotional weight.

Their self-titled 2008 album was their major-label debut, within Relentless in the UK and Jivel Label Group in the US. An opportunity that they made the most of with the release of the single ‘Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked’, which showcased Matt Shultz’s talent as a storyteller and his acid sense of humor that has followed the group ever since.

Thank You Happy Birthday (2011) did nothing but increase the quality of his youthful proposal and in Melophobia (2013) finally they went out to mainstreamwith music videos that were supported by MTV.

In 2021, the band achieved their tenth number-one single on the Billboard Alternative chart. In this way, the Kentucky quintet became the fourth most successful act in the history of the list, tied with Foo Fighters and behind Linkin Park, with 11; Green Day, with 12; and Red Hot Chili Peppers, with 13 number one hits.

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