California. 14 firefighters almost lost their lives at a station

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Oakland, California / 22.01.2022 12:57:10

According to one report, a team of 14 firefighters nearly lost their lives after making the decision to defend their beloved station on California’s central coast which was invaded by flames. The incident occurred on September 8, 2020 when the Dolan Fire destroyed the station in the Los Padres National Forest.

Three were hospitalized with burns and smoke inhalation and one who suffered the most serious injuries. he was unable to be interviewed due to his ongoing complications, according to the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center report.

A team of firefighting professionals revealed that several factors played a role so the fire crew decided to stay at the station, even as the fire spread to Big Sur against them.

“The station was part of a mandatory evacuation area for private owners, so the crew decided they had to save the place as it was a safe place to be, many considered it home.” Said the report.

Eventually, the rapidly approaching flames surrounded the firefighters and another crew was dispatched to help them. As the heat from burning buildings intensified and propane tanks exploded around them, firefighters deployed their heat shields as a last resort.

The fire had been burning for weeks, but it doubled in size the night before and burned a total of 505 square kilometers. The fire destroyed several structures and killed nine endangered California condors at a wildlife sanctuary.

After the fire disaster, a man was arrested near the starting point of the fire and was accused of causing the forest fire due to an illegal marijuana crop.

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