California and New York plan to become ‘abortion sanctuaries’

Of New York California, authorities, activists and citizens promised on Friday to fight so that the states governed by Democrats continue to serve as “sanctuaries” for women who want to abort do it safely.

In the state of New York (east), fourth in the country in population (20 million inhabitants) and historically located to the left by the liberal weight in the city of the ‘Big Apple’, authorities and health professionals have been preparing for weeks for the burial of half a century of constitutional right to voluntary termination of pregnancy.

And so, they foresee an avalanche of women coming from the 26 conservative states that have prohibited or limited abortion or that will soon do so. Of these, 13 states have endowed themselves with so-called ‘trigger’ laws, which will automatically be activated in a matter of days or hours after the Supreme Court’s decision.

“We know that the needs are going to increase significantly,” Sarah Moeller, a health professional with the association, told AFP. Brigid Alliancewhich pays for travel, accommodation and food, and even provides financial assistance to women without resources who wish to have an abortion.

The association where Moeller works, which supports a hundred women a month, estimates that “hundreds of thousands more people are going to have to travel outside their states to be able to have an abortion.”

Alice Mark, physician and counselor at the National Federation for Abortion in Massachusetts he wondered “what will happen to the people of the 26 states where abortion will be wholly or partially prohibited.”

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“The decision coincides with an increase in abortion in the United States,” said Herminia Palacio, director of the Instituto Guttmacher, private organization that supports right to abortion.

“The 930,000 registered abortions in the country in 2020 represent the first sustained increase in almost three decades and more than one in three performed in states that are or probably will ban abortion,” he said in a statement.

Of this amount, about 300,000 are practiced in the southern and central states of the country.

Alice Mark hopes that states like Massachusetts – despite the fact that its governor is a republican and where abortion is expensive – or Illinois facilitate access to their clinics that they will have to increase staff and extend opening hours.

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