California braces for another day of deluges and is expected to increase on Monday

The rain It’s spreading through waterlogged Northern California, raising the risks of flooding and mudslides over the weekend, but the most damaging system will slam into the Bay Area on Monday.

Las strong rainsstrong winds and rising rivers increase the chances of power outages and more blocked roads As another atmospheric river storm, a long column of moisture from the Pacific, hits California on Saturday and Sunday, the National Weather Service said. Another second from Monday will probably be worse.

“It’s going to be wet for most of today and tomorrow, but Monday is the big day,” said Bob Oravec, principal meteorologist with the US Weather Prediction Center. of rain”.

Downtown San Francisco received 26 centimeters (10.33 inches) of rain from December 26 to January 4making it the wettest 10-day stretch in more than 150 years and the second-highest precipitation ever recorded there, said Jon Porter, chief meteorologist for AccuWeather Inc.

Monday’s storm will pull moisture from 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers) across the Pacific and will likely land very close to San Francisco or just south of the city.

California has been hit by a series of these storms in recent weeks, already causing more than $1 billion in loss and damage., according to AccuWeather. At least five people have died and many more have been forced to leave their homes.

Monday’s storm will enter as a Category 4 event on the five-step scale developed in part by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego.

The institute expects another storm to hit Wednesday night. There is a moderate to high chance that the storms will continue to arrive for the next two weeks.

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