California Farmers Affected by Vessel Crowding


Sacramento, California / 04.11.2021 11:56:22

In the middle of a historic drought threatening future harvests, California farmers say they have no way to export your products due to a mismatch in the global supply chain that has caused a agglomeration of cargo ships off the southern coast of the state.

The problems in the supply chain have retailers concerned that their shelves – and their customers’ shopping carts via the Internet – are empty during the crucial year-end shopping season, forcing state and federal authorities to adopt emergency measures to relieve charge accumulation.

But delay in the unloading of ships entering US waters also means fewer vessels are available for return voyages across the Pacific Ocean, leaving farmers in one of the most important agricultural regions in the United States. no destinations for your merchandise.

“We are at the mercy of foreign shipping companies”said Roger Isom, president and CEO of the California Cotton Farmers and Ginners Association and the Western Agricultural Processors Association. “We are in a game, someone changed the rules for us and we have no way to correct it”.

California It is the only supplier in the country of dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts and pistachios. Most of these products are sold to other nations, and in 2019 these exports reached more than 8,100 million dollars, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

However, last month, Isom noted that more than 80% of planned shipments were canceled. Processors have had to pay more to transport their products to other ports, shipping pistachios and walnuts by train to Texas and Maryland and sending bales of cotton by air to Peru. Isom pointed out that they’re losing money on those sales, but they have to or else they risk losing customers.

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It is an especially difficult problem for walnuts, which are in high demand in Europe for Christmas. But Isom said the orders for California “Now they are being cared for by other countries”.

One reason for the boat shortage is that the intense demand for products has caused a Such rise in the prices of maritime transport that many shipping companies simply rush back to Asia once they leave Southern California, without stopping at the smaller Port of Oakland, where most of the state’s nuts are shipped.



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