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andrea: the deadly plague offentanyl in california causethe death of our youth.there’s a new federal attorneydesignated for the center ofcalifornia..there’s a new cause number onedeath for 18 year oldsyears in our area. is 2019 473 people diedfor 2021 there were 1,662.fentanyl fatalitiesincreased 500%.we have the prosecutor himselfoverview to address this issue.thanks for taking thisinterview.has become the epicenterof this crisis?>> and california we have severalproblems, including theborder with exicothey enter from éxico toCalifornia and from there todifferent parts of the pee.andrea: we know well that incalifornia we had thatproblem, because we have manyvulnerable points fortraffic.What is worse, the racking of theborder or produce themlocally?>> it’s both.what we live is a crisispublic health.this is a very serious thing.we want to educate the publicabout this crisis.pee across the border, butwe also havedrug dealers who areoperating in our country and thethey are selling to others.andrea: there were many sectorsof the state with you talkingon that subject, but yesterdayreferred by name andlast name: “sinaloa cartel”,>> for us it is importantcombat this crisis of everypossible way.we are investigating andprosecuting the cartels, andalso the drug traffickerswhich are operating mentioned the program.we are using theresources and federal laws forproduce to those who sellfentanyl to people who thentomorrowsend a message my message iswhat if you are traffickingwith some drug, and this cause dies,but then ends withconsequences of addictionthey end the life of badquality or thwhy this detail that ifdie, instead of saying thatyou are creating, you are generatingaddicted.>> when one sells onepill containing fentanyland causes the death of anotherperson, this for us ispoison that person.It’s like committing murder.for us it is importantsend the messageI was selling this taking the risk ofhave a very long sentencein the federal system.andrea: we know that the recentwith the name “narco 710.these types of pills werepotentially lethal.Wasn’t it obvious to you?that this person wascommitting a crimeas parents, it is alittle to frustrating.>> those cases, they are difficultbecause the form contactaó find out who they arepeople require a lot of resources, investigate whothey use the internet.people who will be under thisfentanyl drug.Andrew: It’s very interesting.notice that this person wasselling up to 2 millionolares from home,working on what?you have to follow the trailmoney.It is also detectable by thisside that there is an illicitin a hurry?>> that’s an important point.this drug dealit involves a lot of money.for those who are traffickingin this area… is our responsibilityfind drugs and alsolarge amounts of money andsometimes weapons is importanthispano.are wrongly blamedHispanics for this transfer ofdrugs.what do you think about itattack of this crimeorganized?>> it’s important to recognize thatwe are fighting thedrug traffickers.people who break the lawfederal, that’s what it isimportant for everyone to knowwhat are we doingpeople should know thatvictims of this crisispublic health.many of them are Hispanic.They don’t know how risky they aretaking on buyingcounterfeit pharmaceuticalsmany of our peopleespecially the young are

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