California floods: Apple donates to aid relief

California is going through a bad period with heavy rains that were caused by a cyclone. This has involved flooding and landslides which have already claimed 18 lives.

The torrential rains on soils already saturated with water generated vast power cuts, numerous floods, uprooted a number of trees and cut off major roads, the floods sometimes carrying motorists. Some regions have recorded levels of precipitation not reached for 150 years.

The deadly toll of recent storms includes motorists trapped in their cars by floods, residents crushed by falling trees, a couple killed by a landslide and bodies washed away by the waves.

In view of the events, Apple has decided to make a donation as announced by Tim Cook in a tweet. Apple’s boss noted : “As storms continue to wreak havoc in California and across the United States, we hope everyone stays safe. Apple is donating to support relief efforts in communities across the country ».

Sometimes Apple makes donations when these types of events happen and Tim Cook makes an announcement on Twitter. The last dates back to september for Hurricane Ian. However, the manager never communicates the amount.

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