California funeral homes run out of space

The Funeral Homes in Southern California Reject Families of Deceased People because they are staying without space before the accumulation of corpses.

Los Angeles County, the epicenter of the crisis in California, exceeded 10,000 deaths from COVID-19. The Hospitals are overwhelmed with few basic elements, such as oxygen, to treat patients with respiratory problems. On Saturday, crews from the US Army Corps of Engineers arrived to supply oxygen to some hospitals.

Johns Hopkins University recorded a national average of just over 2,500 people killed in the past seven days. The daily number of new cases registered in that period averages nearly 195,000, a decline from the previous two weeks.

“I’ve been in the funeral industry for 40 years and never in my life did I think this could happen, say to a family: ‘No, we cannot receive your family member,'” said Magda Maldonado, owner of Continental Funeral. Home in Los Angeles.

Continental handles an average of 30 bodies per day, six times its normal figure. The morgue owners call each other to see if anyone can receive bodies and the answer is always the same: they are full.

To meet the high demand due to the large body count, Maldonado has rented extra 50-foot (15-meter) refrigerators for two of the four facilities it manages in Los Angeles and surrounding counties. Continental also takes a day or two to collect corpses from hospitals in order to serve residential customers.

Bob Achermann, executive director of the California Funeral Directors Association, said that the entire process of burial and cremation of corpses has slowed down, including the embalming of corpses and the processing of death certificates. In normal times, cremation could take place in a day or two, now there is a delay of at least a week or more.

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Achermann said that in the southern part of the state “all the funeral homes that I’ve talked to say ‘we’re working as fast as we can.’ “The volume is just incredible and they fear they won’t be able to keep up,” he added. “And the worst of the increase could still be waiting for us.”

The United States exceeded 350 thousand deaths from COVID-19

The United States exceeded 350,000 deaths on Sunday, according to Johns Hopkins University. The country reports the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in the world, followed by Brazil, which has reported more than 195,000 deaths. Meanwhile, more than 20 million people in the country have been infected.

For the moment, hope rests on the vaccines that are already being applied to protect health workers and residents of nursing homes and those who care for them, but the launch of the inoculation program has been criticized as slow and chaotic.

The experts They anticipate another increase in coronavirus cases and deaths from the gatherings that took place during Christmas and New Years.

In addition to California, other states have record numbers of cases in recent days, including North Carolina and Arizona.

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