California. Los Angeles registered 44 thousand cases of covid-19 in one day

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Los Angeles California / 07.01.2022 22:20:23

County of Los Angeles reported 43,712 new covid-19 cases from Friday alone, being the highest total of the pandemic registered in a single day. The previous record was 37,215 cases Thursday. Being figures that are above the average daily peak of last winter.

While health workers registered 973 cases of covid-19, which represents 47 percent more than the previous week, according to the California Department of Public Health. While hospitals experience a significant shortage of medical personnel in hospitals.

In Orange County, about five of its 25 hospitals are requesting more staff from the state because they are experiencing extreme staff shortages and more applications are expected, said Dr. Regina Chinsio-Kwong, deputy county health official.

“Our hospitals are full and the emergency departments are really being affected,” said Dr. Regina Chinsio-Kwong on Friday.

Ambulances wait up to 52 minutes at hospitals to drop off patients, well above the 30-minute target. So Orange County has already stopped accepting patients from neighboring hospitals, due to the large number of inpatients.

On the other hand, several California counties are seeing a growing percentage of people admitted to hospitals with a covid-19 infection but are being treated for a different health condition.

The omicron variant is contributing to the challenges of medical personnel, seriously affecting patients with other conditions and unvaccinated people. Throughout the pandemic, thousands of healthcare workers across the country have resigned, retired, or are simply exhausted from demanding work.



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