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California is on its way to becoming the first state of USA to offer health coverage to all undocumented and extend the benefits of food assistance a immigrants without legal status over 55 years.

Los 2 Benefits for the undocumented population from the state were included in next year’s state budget.

The health coverage has been financed by the state of California for undocumented immigrants between the ages of 26 and 49, and was included in the 2022-2023 state budget signed by the governor Gavin Newsomand which is currently in the Legislature, dominated by the democratsfor your approval.

Los undocumented under 26 years of age and over 49 years of age low resources already had access to a health insurance subsidized in the state. It is estimated that the new expansion, which would start from January 1, 2024, will cover 700 thousand residents undocumented additional.

In a statement, state senator Maria Elena Durazo considered that “this is a victory for the millions of undocumented Californians that contribute $3.7 billion in state and local taxes and more than $40 million in purchasing power to our economy every year”.

The state budget also includes a measure to provide food benefits to the undocumented of low resources.

The plan consists of expand the California Food Assistance Program (CFAP), which grants food stamps with state funds so that immigrants without legal status age 55 or older and low resources have the opportunity to receive this help.

Betzabel Estudillomain defender of Nourish Californiaorganization that defends the food law, applauded the proposal in a statement. “California is once again making history by eliminating the xenophobic exclusions of our state’s safety net, he said.

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He added that “this move towards equitable access to our state security network food and nutrition will help reduce hunger and mitigate the poverty”. Nevertheless, student warned that California must advance in “covering a family unit complete” and remove the age requirement.

It is estimated that the expansion of program it could take several years for the benefits to reach all eligible immigrants.

A recent analysis of Office of Legislative Analysts shows that the expansion of the food assistance for undocumented 55 years or older will benefit some 75,000 immigrants for the 2025-2026 cycle.

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