California. Shortage of tests and delays cause contagion covid-19


/ 07.01.2022 18:34:06

In just two weeks, the state of California has doubled the number of people hospitalized with covid-19. Experts consider that the shortage of covid-19 test kits as well as the delay in obtaining results They contribute to the increase in infections, causing great frustration at the state level.

Delays in obtaining results or the inability to find evidence of covid-19 cause several people to assume they are not infected and they continue with their routines, despite having very mild or no symptoms, causing new outbreaks of covid-19 and its variants.

“If a person can’t get tested and can’t afford to unknowingly self-quarantine, there may be people going out and infecting others. If they get tested and it’s positive, then they know they need to isolate themselves,” he said. Abraar Karan, an infectious disease physician at Stanford University.

In view of the increase in infections in California, has led to a growing demand for COVID-19 tests in many places in the state that cannot be found easily. Due to a shortage of testing, some counties have chosen to stop mail-order programs because of high demand.

Whereas in big cities, where there are places with COVID-19 tests available, people have to wait several hours in line to get the test, causing other forms of contagion in case of not taking the necessary measures.

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, a professor of epidemiology at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, said she heard it took nine days for a lab to return results, longer than a person exposed to COVID-19 might have to. quarantine.

“If a person does the right thing and decides to wait in line for a test, waiting a long time to get the information is not useful, it is absurd.” Bibbins-Domingo said.

Some people have resorted to paying $ 100 or more for a quick result, something that many cannot afford.

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In Los Angeles County, home to a quarter of the state’s nearly 40 million residents, overwhelming demand caused temporary disruption of a program that allowed people to test at home and send the sample by mail.



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