California. These are the typical foods of the region

Although the state of California is known for its many tourist places to visit Like the forests, dunes, mountains and incredible cities, it also has a great cultural and gastronomic wealth that distinguishes it from the rest of the United States.

There are foods of Asian and Latino origin that have settled in California , as is the case of burritos, Korean barbecue, sriracha, as well as various places or neighborhoods of Asian and Latino communities that show the great cultural diversity of the region.

In addition to typical California foods, the state has different food chains that started in the region What: In-N-Out, McDonald´s, King Taco, Taco Bell, Tommy´sy Trader Joe´s , which have successfully expanded throughout California and the country.

Secondly, California also has specialty dishes that are regional like Maria tri-tip, the cioppino stew of San Francisco fish, chicken and waffles from Los Angeles, plus bacon-wrapped hot dogs and donuts sold in pink paper boxes.

Because, we give you a wide variety of food options that are typical of California to taste on one of your trips or simply discover new flavors for the palate of travelers.


California cuisine is distinguished by being a great cultural mix, so it won’t sound nothing fancy to mention a sushi-burrito. Since Californians are fans of Mexican and Asian cuisine, as well as making a great giant sushi roll.

Fish tacos

Thanks to the large Mexican population that exists in California, tacos are a staple dish in the stateIn addition to the great resources of the Pacific Ocean, so fish and seafood tacos are fundamental in California cuisine.

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French fries with roast beef

Roast beef fries were invented in San Diego, being a typical food and liked by thousands of tourists. Roast beef fries have evolved, to the extent of being with other ingredients like salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and cheddar cheese.

Hamburguesa In-N-Out

California is considered the home of hamburgers, being a place that saw the birth of large chains such as McDonald’s and In-N-Out, especially the latter that stands out for having a secret menu and employees who wear costumes taken from a movie from the 50s.


Pho became very popular a few years ago and this Vietnamese noodle soup has not lost its popularity, probably because it is used a lot as an aid to recover from illness and party nights.


The burrito is a California staple, being a tortilla wrapped with a meat stew and other condiments that bring a great memory to Mexican food, as well as being one of the largest businesses of Mexican families in California.



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