California town where Prince Harry resides is evacuated by storms

Los Angeles (USA), 9 Jan. The Californian city Montecitos, where Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle reside, as well as the presenter Oprah Winfrey, was called to evacuate due to the wave of cyclones that threatens the US state.

“The entire community of Montectito (…) Get out now! The situation is evolving very quickly,” the Montecito Fire Department announced in a statement addressed to residents of the town and nearby canyons.

The community near Santa Bárbara has become one more victim of the environmental disasters brought by the atmospheric river and the cyclone bomb that the state has been experiencing since the end of 2022 and that has flooded and left a large part of the territory without electricity.

According to local media, the flood has already killed 12 people so far, 90% of the state’s population is under surveillance for flood risk and more than 100,000 people continued without electricity on Monday afternoon as a result. from strong storms.

The National Weather Service also reported on social networks that another series of dangerous winds will continue to hit the state during the night of this Monday and until the afternoon of Tuesday.

In addition, it has issued a flood warning for territories surrounding Los Angeles, including Orange County and the San Bernardino Mountains.

It is not yet known if Prince Harry, who is promoting his memoir “Spare”, is at home with Markle and their children.

This Monday the president of the United States, Joe Biden, who is currently in Mexico, declared a state of emergency in California.

This allows the state government, as well as local administrations, to have access to federal resources to deal with disasters generated by storms. EFE


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