California: Water districts will not get supplies due to drought

California, United States. /

water agencies in California serving 27 million residents and 750,000 acres of farmland will not get any of the water they requested for the state during 2022 unless it is needed for health reasons, officials said.

This is the earliest date on which the Department of Water Resources has issued a 0% water allocation, a milestone that reflects the dire conditions in California As the drought continues to affect the nation’s most populous state and reservoirs are at historically low levels. State water officials said mandatory water restrictions could be coming, and major water districts urged consumers to conserve.

The water supply will be only for basic needs

The low allocation does not mean that Californians are at risk of losing water for drinking or bathing. The State Water Project is just one source of water for the 29 districts it supplies; others include the Colorado River and local storage projects.

The state will provide a small amount of water for the health and safety needs of some of the districts that requested it. But they won’t get water for any other purposes, such as irrigation, landscaping, and gardening, which use significant amounts of water.


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