Call of Duty: The Gulag system from Warzone gets goofy with stones

I entered the first time Call of Duty: war zoneGulag, I thought the mode would have started immediately – yes, I simply ignored all the signs that I had to wait until my turn. I saw a man running next to me and chased after him. He didn’t necessarily run away from me or towards me. Just around me. I was excited to have such an incompetent enemy to fight for my first trip to the Gulag, where I have to fight to return to the Gulag War zone Game. I hit him repeatedly with my fists and just didn’t stop. Until the screen went back and I actually entered the gulag, the pit in the middle of the little one War zone Map, and the real battle began.

War zone is a new free way to play Call of Duty, and in many ways it’s like any other Battle Royale currently playable – let’s say Fourteen days, Apex Legends, or PlayerUnknown’s battlefields. One hundred and fifty players are thrown onto a large card with a shrinking playable area. There are several ways to get yourself back in the game when you are eliminated; B. buy back a teammate or revive him. But War zoneHas something extra: the gulagwhere players stay with others until they have the chance to compete against another opponent in a single showdown. And it rules.

It’s absolutely the most interesting way to get back into a Battle Royale game – and there is a real strategy. If you end up in the Gulag with a teammate, there is a possibility that you can influence their individual fight: In the Gulag you don’t just watch how others fight. You can also throw stones. Rocks stun people briefly and make one tiny Amount of damage – apparently enough to kill an enemy with low HP. But that helps your teammate when necessary and distracts him as you call positioning. Every little advantage is still an advantage.

Receiving these benefits can also feel pretty stupid – because you throw stones or paint your enemies.

A Reddit user CJLito, posted a clip of an expertly thrown rock. When the gulag fighter threw away an explosive claymore, CJLito threw stones. One of these stones hit and CJLito detonated the other player. Apparently the trick works for C4 as well.

There is another strategy that players discovered on Reddit: Forget hitting, tag your enemies! Reddit user PublicWest1 posted a clip where they mark others who watch with colorful sprays to make the enemy more visible in combat. It’s not a big change, but every advantage is an advantage – if a yellow star makes it a little easier for someone to spot him in a dark one-on-one fight against Gulag, there’s no reason not to use it.

The only problem is that you have to spray a lot when there are many people in the gulag in the queue to make sure you find the player you have to compete against. But hey, there is something to be done!

All the details of the Gulag – the small, strategic options that I can play in it – make it one of the best improvements to the Battle Royale structure. Even with the grainy, realistic feeling of War zone – a strong contrast of ForniteThe colorful world has a silly kind of fighting club vibe that lifts the intensity of the rest of the game. That is at least until you get into your own one-on-one interview.

My first reaction was that proximity voice chat should be added so that players could mock themselves playfully, but I quickly withdrew on this thought: the internet is the internet and it’s terrible. Rock throwing – and now tagging – is really the perfect compromise. Even if it doesn’t do anything productive for you, there is a way to increase pressure for others in the Gulag. It just works.

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