Camilo immortalizes his feelings as a father in songs

As he prepares to release his third studio album, “De Inside Pa Outside”, Camilo tours Spain with the album’s homonymous tour and premieres a new single with Argentine rapper Nicki Nicole.

“Nature”, released Thursday night, is an urban pop song that highlights the importance of celebrating our identity, being authentic and feeling proud of who we are.

“Because this is my nature / For everyone I’m not right in the head / And I accept it, I’m missing a piece / But I bring you a dance that if it starts it takes you out of sadness”, says part of the letter .

Composed by Camilo, Nicki Nicole, Juan Morelli and Jon Leone, and produced by Camilo and Jon The Producer, the song comes with a music video directed by the performer’s wife, singer and actress Evaluna Montaner, which can be seen on her YouTube channel. Youtube.

This is the fifth preview of the 11 songs from “De Inside Pa Outside” after “Índigo” with Evaluna, “Pesadilla”, “Pegao” and “NASA” with Alejandro Sanz, and the penultimate before its release in September under Sony Music Latin/Handmade. Camilo recently told The Associated Press that a final single, “Alaska,” will be out in August.

“Those couple of chapters are very important to me and I think they will be very important for the tribe as well,” said the musician in reference to “Nature” and “Alaska”, using the term with which he usually calls his fans, “the tribe”, in an interview by video call from Madrid.

The Colombian singer and songwriter, laureate of five Latin Grammys, who became a father just three months ago, affirmed that fatherhood awakened in him “a series of feelings” that have led him to write his “11 best songs” to date.

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“I say this not from pride, but from the deep pride and satisfaction of having done the best he could with what he had in his hands,” he said.

“It is an album full of a lot of feelings that I am premiering as a father. The process of waiting for (my daughter) Indigo, the arrival and meeting with Indigo outside of Evaluna, awakened in me a series of feelings that are new to me and that I am still experiencing… And I managed to immortalize them at home, in a study that I put together as I dreamed, all those feelings in songs”, he said.

At the time of the interview, Camilo had just appeared at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona and the WiZink in the capital, a year after having done so under strict health restrictions due to the pandemic.

“It was very impressive because last year we had the opportunity to play in those places, but with quite reduced capacity due to COVID regulations and the experience was different because everyone who was there had to be, yes or yes, with distance, seated and with mask,” he recalled. “It was wonderful because it was the possibility of doing a tour even though we were in a pandemic, but now it is the whole experience of living this and I am really very grateful and very happy. I do not believe that”.

In addition, Evaluna and Indigo, and other members of the family, accompanied him on his tour, something that the singer did not take for granted given the loneliness that an artist on tour can experience when sometimes spending months away from home.

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“The three of us are close,” he said pleased. “The most beautiful thing about this tour, apart of course from the nectar of living the tour per se — meeting with the tribe, building soccer stadiums, doing such important things here in Europe — the only thing greater than that is being able to to be living it hand in hand with my whole family”.

Regarding the US leg of the tour, which begins on August 27 at Radio City Music Hall in New York and will take him to cities in Florida, Illinois, Texas and California, among other states, he expressed great enthusiasm.

“Getting to do a concert in some cities in the United States is already a very big achievement for a Colombian artist, but to do an entire tour and tour the country from coast to coast, and not only that, but a tour of arenas where many people fit. , where the creativity of the production and of everything we are putting together can go to (higher) levels… it is something that fills me with pride”, he said.

The tour will coincide with the release of the album, and Camilo is looking forward to that day, because, as he said, “happiness is only whole when you share it.”

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