Campbell after Costa Rica’s 7-0: “It serves to correct”

DOHA (AP) — Faced with criticism and discouragement in his country after the 7-0 defeat suffered by Spain, Costa Rican Joel Campbell said Saturday that it is a result that can occur in soccer and “serve to correct it.”

“We’re going to be exposed to that, which you don’t want, but you have to assimilate it,” said the Costa Rican winger ahead of his team’s decisive second World Cup game against Japan on Sunday.

Campbell, who appeared with coach Luis Fernando Suárez before the media on the eve of the match, mentioned some examples of memorable wins, such as the 7-1 victory that Germany beat hosts Brazil in the 2014 World Cup semifinals.

“Brazil with its best players, its best stars”, he stressed.

“Clearly we did not want it to happen” about the debacle at the premiere in Qatar, he continued. “Spain gave us a lesson that we have to learn.”

As for people who do not want to get up at dawn in Costa Rica to watch the game against the Japanese after the win, Campbell considered that “it is within their rights. Nobody likes to see his team lose in a World Cup 7-0. We are the first to be injured.”

“What can I say to the fans? May we be together until the end as we have done all year when we didn’t think we were going to be in the World Cup,” added the 30-year-old.

Costa Rica qualified for its sixth World Cup via the intercontinental playoffs, in which it beat New Zealand 1-0.

Despite getting Qatar as the last team, the Ticos arrived with the aim of repeating or surpassing the quarterfinals of Brazil 2014.

Suárez, the Colombian strategist for the Central American team, insisted on Saturday that it’s okay for the players to be thinking big. “The message I have to give people is ‘you have to keep going’, the vast majority of those who have won things have lost and failed but, nevertheless, they get up.”

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