Canadian tourist dies on excursion to the Grand Canyon

A tourist originally Canadian died in the Grand Canyon National Parkin Arizonaduring a excursion.

On June 2, the 41-year-old woman began to feel unwell while walking the path Bright Angel.

Other people who were on the same path tried to help her and reported the situation to the authorities of the parque almost at 6:00 p.m.

However, before the emergency services arrived from the Grand Canyon National Parkthe tourist lost consciousness. The other visitors tried to revive her, but she died before medical help arrived.

The woman She was identified by authorities as Melanie Goodine, originally from Ottawa, Ontario.

According to the first reports, the canadian tourist hours earlier he visited the Colorado River and then explored the Grand Canyon.

The authorities of Grand Canyon National Park They opened an investigation into the case, but the causes of the death have not yet been revealed. death from Visitor.

During the last days, the authorities of the Park of Arizona They have warned about the high temperatures in the region, which exceed 41 degrees Celsius. It is suggested to bring snacks and plenty of water for the tours, as well as to protect yourself from the sun.

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