Canadian urbanist Montgomery talks about the concept of a happy city

Youtube users have the opportunity to watch the performance of the famous Canadian writer and urbanist Charles Montgomery at the online conference of the Moscow Urban Forum “A City for Everyone. Well-being, health, sustainability ”, where he presented his concept of a“ happy city ”. As the head of the Department of Urban Planning Policy of the city of Moscow Sergey Lyovkin said today, to get acquainted with the lecture “Design of Happiness. Instructions for designing a happy city “can be found on the official channel of the Moscow Urban Forum at the link:

“Charles Montgomery believes that urban design should improve the happiness of residents. He became the founder of the Happy City project and wrote a book, the title of which speaks for itself – “Happy City: How Urban Planning Changes Our Lives,” said Sergey Lyovkin.

“The expert examines the relationship between urban design and the number of people who consider themselves happy. He also uses his knowledge in public health, psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, sociology and other disciplines, ”he added.

Working with organizations ranging from the Guggenheim Museum to local governments and urban planners in Canada, the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland and the UAE, Charles and his team research and develop design methods that enable happy, healthy and inclusive cities. …

Montgomery notes that now not only megalopolises, but also small cities around the world are revising the principles of planning urban public spaces, slowing down the speed of traffic, expanding the area of ​​green spaces on the streets of the city. The expert has repeatedly stated that people feel happier in “slow” places. He cites the results of one of his studies, according to which more responsive pedestrians appear on the streets with an active street edge, ready to help, for example, find the way for a lost person.

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The head of the department explained that according to Charles Montgomery, the three happiest cities in the world are Copenhagen, where people value freedom of movement, Mexico City, which breaks down all the stereotypes, and Melbourne, where residents have rediscovered the potential of small public places, turning them into places of active stay.

“Moscow follows with great interest modern urban planning concepts, including those discussed at the sessions of the Moscow Urban Forum. In recent years, one thing has remained unchanged – the emphasis on human-centeredness, on the well-being and happiness of the inhabitants of the metropolis. Making the city comfortable for everyone is an ambitious task set before us by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. We are working to create a high-quality urban environment, and give residents the opportunity to use modern services, technologies and use it to improve their well-being, ”said Sergei Lyovkin.


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