Cannes 2022 – Day 3: Armageddon Time by James Gray, Christophe Gans for The Pact of the Wolves and The Eight Mountains

Every day, between the film, the interview and the fact of the day, the hot spot live from the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

Movie of the day: The Eight Mountains

Since The shit of things et Alabama Monroe, we know that Felix Van Groeningen is not afraid of anything. In any case, neither melodrama nor overflow. New proof with these eight mountains, his new film co-directed with Charlotte Vandermeersch. At the age of 12, Pietro, the lonely city child, and Bruno, the fierce kid from the mountain pastures, immediately become friends. Over twenty years, this melancholic initiation story tells this story of friends who grow up, build themselves and move away to find each other better. The existential chronicle flirts (a bit too much) with life lessons and maxims of personal development, but as always with Groeningen it is a matter of taking the viewer on an emotional roller coaster. We are taken head-on in an intense, sometimes violent story; the little things become big, the woods speak, the mist responds… All between disenchantment and lyricism. Incredibly shot (the mountains take up the entire space of the square frame), incredibly embodied (will Lucas Marinelli one day get the success he damn it deserves!), the film still fails to produce the intimate vibes he is looking for, but impresses with his visual power and his way of putting man face to face, between doubt, renunciation and amazed hope.

Video of the day: Christophe Gans talks about the restoration of the Wolf Pact

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Interview of the day: James Gray

James Gray tells us about the genesis ofArmageddon Timean initiatory story with a strong autobiographical content, set in New York in 1980, and presented today in competition:

A few years ago, my children told me that they wanted to see the house where I grew up. So we went there for a drive, the house was not quite the same as the one I had known, but we could still see vestiges of the passage of our family. For example traces, on the walls, of the paint spray that I used for my scale models… I started to think back to all those family meals, which were so important to us, with my parents, my grand- parents, my great-uncle and my great-aunt. None of them are alive anymore, they are like ghosts. Then I went to Paris to stage The Marriage of Figaro, Trump had just been elected and it really scared me, and in the evening, alone in my Parisian apartment, I realized that was what I was going to do : tell a ghost story.

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News of the day: Vangelis is dead

He was a genius musician. Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou better known as Vangelis had signed the original tapes of Blade Runner, 1492: Christopher Columbus or even chariots of fire for which he received an Oscar. He had come to accompany two films at Cannes: chariots of fire (whose music is now more famous than the film) and Missing of Costa Gavras. The Greek composer died on Tuesday at the age of 79.

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