Cap to buy (absolutely) no clothes in 2023?

(ETX Daily Up) – “Wear what you already own”. An American company specializing in alterations challenges consumers not to buy any clothes during the year, and to deal only with what they already have in their closets. A way to detox from fast or disposable fashion that constantly forces consumption, and induces a lot of unnecessary waste.

The end-of-year celebrations have come to an end, with the famous countdown symbolizing renewal. The counters are now reset with the ambition for some to put their good resolutions to work. And if it is often a question of sport, health, and nutrition, fashion will not be outdone this year with the will for some to sort out their behavior and purchasing habits. Targeted ? The reduction in waste – and the savings that go with it – intended to make their wardrobe much greener.

To help consumers achieve this and – it must be specified – ease their foot on fast-fashion, an American company based in Rockford, Illinois, has chosen to challenge its customers – and any other Internet user wishing to rethink their consumption – by inviting them not to buy any clothes in 2023. Unthinkable, you say? Yet it is the idea of ​​this original challenge that invites the public to wear only what they own, without neglecting their style.

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It must be said that the company in question, Tad More Tailoring, is not a clothing brand, since it focuses mainly on alterations and repair services. Easier in this case to launch such a challenge… It remains that today it seems necessary, if not essential, to rethink the way of dressing and consuming fashion, to respond urgently to new challenges. environmental. Rental of clothes, second-hand, DIY, or even alteration services are indeed among the solutions envisaged to drastically reduce the waste linked to one of the most polluting industries.

One year without purchase

“Eliminate textile waste by altering, customizing and upgrading the wardrobe you already own? It’s a win-win! Join TMT in the ‘No Buy’ challenge in 2023 by wearing what you have and still looking fabulous “, can we read on the blog and social networks of Tad More Tailoring. The American company, which intends to make consumers think about the way they dress, and even more to turn tirelessly to fast-fashion, specifies that its tailors and couturiers will themselves take part in this major challenge throughout year round. This will also be characterized by the posting of content – testimonials, interviews, advice – intended to help the public to dress (and be stylish) with what they already have.

In this period of good resolutions, associated with detox cures of all kinds, this challenge comes at the right time. While some are preparing to limit or even reduce their alcohol consumption throughout the month of January, others could do the same with their fashion purchases. A good way to realize the savings made, and even more so to take stock of everything that is (finally) not essential in your dressing room.

According to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe), in Europe alone, 4 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away each year, 80% of which end up in the household waste bin, and therefore buried or incinerated. A figure which testifies to the urgency of acting to make our cabinets more virtuous.

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