Car Sales Dealer Manager Banned From Remaining In Industry After Being Denounced For Altering Metrics Of Various Vehicles | Univision Phoenix KTVW

A court has prohibited the owner of a used car business from getting involved in the business of selling or financing a vehicle or even already owning a car dealership in Arizona.

This decision came after a lawsuit filed by the Arizona State Attorney against Santiago Ramírez Montelon, who owns Pacific Auto Sales in Mesa, Arizona.

Montelon was accused of tampering with the odometer of 23 cars between 2014 and 2017 and is reportedly promoting them using bogus mileage figures on sites like Craigslist; thus violating used car sales statutes.

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The Arizona Department of Transportation indicates that multiple cases of this type of fraud have already been reported, so they recommend carrying out the title transfer at their offices to detect any suspicious information. To see all the recommendations ADOT makes about this scam, Click here.

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