Carlos Villagrán will say goodbye to “Kiko” in Phoenix, Arizona

Carlos Villagrán, who for 51 years has played his most iconic character Kiko on different stages, says goodbye to them starting this Saturday, but he will do so outside of Mexico.

The opportunity to appear again before the public was given by the Circo Hermanos Caballero, created in Guadalajara, but which is touring the US. The city of Phoenix will be the last to see the character of Kiko like this.

“It will be the same Kiko who doesn’t know how to do anything, I can’t do anything other than Kiko, because it would be a fraud for people,” said the actor at a conference, where he thanked people for so many years of affection:

“They have fed me, and more importantly, they have fed my children,” said the actor.

Villagrán assured that he was in very good health. At 78 years old, he still has the voice of the character of Kiko, but considers that it is a good time to say goodbye.

“Because of my age, out of respect for me, out of respect for people, out of respect for everyone. I am of the age to retire,” she noted.

After this retirement, Villagrán indicated that he will use his free time to travel, since although he knows all of Latin America and the Caribbean from his constant tours, he has never had the opportunity to visit Europe. He also has a memoir book pending, which he did not finish due to the pandemic and his contagion of Covid-19. “I wanted to, but I had no energy.”

The tour in Phoenix, Arizona will last 30 days. It will be presented Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the North American city, with double functions starting today.

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