Carolina Supreme Court suspends abortion ban after six weeks in the US

Referential image. The South Carolina court upholds the pro-abortion stay in the state. Photo: Pexels.

The South Carolina Supreme Court has decided to keep the suspension hitherto in force ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancyin a setback for the conservatives, by proclaiming the privacy as a primary right.

The court thus becomes the first state superior court to defend the right to abortion at the state level since the United States Supreme Court revoked in June of last year the constitutional right to it. Since then, Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, Ohio, Utah, Wisconsin or Wyoming alternatives have been presented to regulate the right to terminate a pregnancy within the states themselves.

final verdict

In a verdict reached by three votes in favor to two againstthe court understands that while the state may limit the a person’s right to privacy“any limitation must be reasonable” and “give the woman sufficient time to determine that is pregnant y take reasonable steps to terminate that pregnancy.

The court, made up of a overwhelming majorityfour to one conservative judgeshas estimated that six weeks, the approximate period in which the fetus develops heartbeat“it is simply not a reasonable period of time for those two things to occur,” according to the opinion collected by the Political news portal.

On the contrary, the Supreme of Idaho has ratified, also this past Thursday, the set of regulations that constitute the almost total ban on abortion in the given state the “legitimate interest” of the authorities in “protecting prenatal life in all phases of its development“.

Under this verdict, also reached by three votes in favor to two against, abortion will continue to be prohibited in Idaho except as necessary to save the life of the pregnant or cases of rape and incest.

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