Carpathians, Maldives and Bali. How Ukrainian celebrities spend their holidays

The traveler and host of the travel show “The World Inside Out” Dmitry Komarov, together with his wife, TV presenter Alexandra Kucherenko, went to the Maldives.

“Traditionally, on December 31, I pause on the expedition and meet with my beloved wife,” wrote he’s December 31st on Instagram.

Leading notedthat this year he did not plan a trip on his own, but took a tour to the Maldives.

On January 1, Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who lives in Russia, announced on Instagram that she had performed in front of the audience on New Year’s Eve, having drunk an anesthetic before.

“After our very long flight, reaching the hotel at 21.00, I realized that I could not get up. The pain in my lower back cut me to pieces. I could not step a step. And exactly at 22.50 I had to go on stage, where they were waiting for me.” , – wrote the artist.

Ukrainian musician Dantes (Vladimir Gudkov) together with his wife – singer Dorofeeva (Nadia Dorofeeva) celebrated the New Year in Bali.

“The fifth day in Bali. Contrary to Wikipedia, the locals emphasize” and “. I first met New Year in the summer,” he shared his impressions.

The artist said that he and his wife took 20 books on vacation, but he managed to read only 50 pages of one of them.

Frontwoman of The Hardkiss Julia Sanina on January 1 published a photo with her husband, musician Valery Bebko, son and new pet – a puppy. They have not yet come up with a nickname for him, she urged subscribers to choose her together.

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Ukrainian gymnast Anna Rizatdinova went for the holidays at the Bukovel ski resort with his son.

Leading Lily Rebrik showed on Instagram, how I celebrated New Year at home with my family.

The actress, the heroine of the “Bachelor” project Ksenia Mishina and her lover, the winner of the project Alexander Ellert, also went to rest in Bukovel.

“Friends, Happy New Year! Be happy and love each other,” she said in the video, published on Instagram.

Ukrainian TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk published photo with his wife Christina.

Happy new year 2021 from Ostapchuk Family, “he wrote.

Ukrainian singer alyona alyona December 31 made public post with the results of the year.

“Analyzing the goals and plans that I was building in January 2020, a smile never left my lips – well, who could have imagined that something like a coronavirus and quarantine lockdowns would appear. Would I have written those points, knowing the future, no . Did I do what I planned – yes, but partially, “she wrote.

Later singer neglected photo in a festive manner.

TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk New Year held in the Carpathians.


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