Carpet in a modern interior: danger or fashionable solution

At the beginning of the 19th century, carpets were an integral part of interiors. They were laid on the floor and hung on the wall, but then their popularity dropped dramatically. A little time passed and the love for carpets returned. In the modern world, there is a very large selection of carpets.

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Carpets are natural (wool, viscose and bamboo plant fibers) and synthetic.

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Types of carpets

Carpets made of natural materials look more spectacular, softer to the touch and have a high price. However, they are prone to burnout and are not able to resist pests. They are difficult to care for.

Synthetic rugs easily wrinkle and quickly lose their aesthetic appearance. But they are more affordable.

If you decide to buy a carpet, then the best option would be a carpet made of mixed materials: wool with a nylon base, for example.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of carpets in different shapes and sizes:

  • round;
  • oval;
  • semi-elliptical forms;
  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • curly.

How to use a carpet in the interior: ideas

Pay attention to what color your floor is. If it is light, then the carpet can be taken in both bright and dark colors. Otherwise, it is better to abandon dark shades and add calm, but light colors.

Colored carpet in a bright room / Photo pinterest

Are the wallpaper and furniture very colorful? Then it is better to choose a carpet with a solid color or with a calm pattern. Conversely, the carpet can be very colorful if the room is in soothing colors.

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Colorful carpet with soothing colors / Photo by pinterest

If the carpet contains geometric or floral designs, it is advisable to choose furniture with a similar pattern or similar curtains.

Furniture and carpet can be the same color / Photo pinterest

Other options / Photo pinterest, zelenasadyba

What is the health hazard from carpet

Source: “Carpet yard”

  • Dust is the biggest problem with carpets… It can cause many diseases as it contains mold, germs and mites. All of this causes allergies, and then asthma.
  • During a fire, carpet flares up instantly. Synthetic the carpet can poison the owner in case of fire.
  • Even without fire synthetic carpets can vaporize chemicals.

Correct care

Every day, dust settles on the floor, hair and hair of pets fall. Dirt is transferred to it from all rooms.

How often should the carpet be cleaned:

  • dry – once a week;
  • wet – once every three months;
  • deep – once a year.

Proper carpet cleaning

  • use cold or warm water;
  • work the carpet behind the pile, not against it;
  • the carpet must be laid on a dry floor;
  • remove dirt quickly – until it is ingrained.

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