Carrying your driver’s license in Google Wallet is much closer

For a couple of years it has been possible to carry your driving license on your mobile in Spain. This is possible thanks to the My DGT app, which has been designed to carry this document securely and electronically, as well as those related to our car. Now this functionality is being extended to other apps dedicated to integrating bank or loyalty cards. This is the case of Google Wallet, which in some regions is already beginning to integrate driving licenses electronically. This opens the possibility that in the future this may also be possible in Spain, without necessarily having to carry it in MiDGT.

digital driver’s license

It is what Google is introducing in its app Wallet, at least it is what we have known now thanks to The Verge. According to this medium, Google is already testing the digital driver’s license in several states of the United States. Specifically in those of Maryland, Colorado y Arizona. In all of them, those from Mountain View already have tests underway to see how this new digital document unfolds in their app. In fact, even from this medium they have shared images with the driving licenses configured in this application.

In these images we can see how this new functionality is configured, in which you can choose the state to which the driver’s license belongs. Now within the cards and cards that we can add to the app we can see in the last place the one of the ID Card, which in the United States is basically the driver’s license and in many cases the identification, almost like a DNI here. From what we see in the images, according to Google, these cards are stored on the phone fully encrypted.

Therefore, only we have the possibility of accessing them, and therefore they are kept safe away from the reach of third parties. In order to add the driver’s license it is necessary take a photo of both faces, as well as upload a short video of our face to the servers, We understand that in order to verify the veracity of the data and that there is no identity theft, through facial recognition. It seems that this functionality has appeared for the moment in the beta version of the Google Wallet app, so it should still have a few weeks or months to go before it becomes a reality.

Of course, we are talking about the United States, because being such a sensitive documentation, it is evident that in each country it must follow a path of development so that it can adapt to current legislation. In Spain, having miDGT, it seems difficult for the authorities to cede, as well as user access to the card through third-party apps. In any case, it is a project that should still evolve a lot, and therefore it does not seem that in the case of our country it will be available soon, rather we will have to wait one year or another to see our driver’s license in the app from Google, or also from Apple, which has another for the same purpose.

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