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Very few know that was part of Alaska and Dinarama. He lived in situ the madrilenian scene. It has one of the most splendid musical trajectories. Composer and guitarist, Ramon Godes will be at the Auditori on January 23. Section of the mass media, his passion is to hear, practice, listen, compose, teach and speak select music. Son of the unforgettable president of the Athenaeum, Ramón Godes and brother of the cultural journalist Patricia Godes (from a family of strong ancestry wrapped in exquisite music), he handles the tango as he wants, with references to Piazzola’s guitarists, «a genius», Óscar López and Horacio Malvicino, without forgetting the six strings of Narciso Yepes, covering Tárrega for the universal record label Deutsche Grammophon.

-What does acting in the Auditori represent for you??
-It is a very important thing. It is a place that imposes a lot, They are places that give a lot of respect. I will interpret my compositions, accompanied by Alejandro Royo, double bass; Anna Pitarch, cello; and Michel Llorens, accordion.

-Your career is very important in music. However, why is it so unknown?
-I do not know. The truth is that it never had media coverage. Nor have I looked for it. I have limited myself to working and composing, trying to have my own identity as a musician. It is also true that I have fled from the commercial and radio formulas. I don’t like that commercial aspect of music and I see music as something artistic, very well done.

-Lived ‘in situ’ the Madrid scene. What did that mean? There is a before and after?
-It was filled with fresh air into Spanish music and, above all, the path to professionalizing music began. Artists and bands became known.

-He was with Los Coyotes and Malevaje. What balance do you make of that musical and vital experience?
-It was something very important. With both Los Coyote and Malevaje, with whom we made tango credible and managed to unite Gardel with Piazzola, who was a genius.

-Why did you decide to return?
– Madrid was very hard. With long trips and because I had a disagreement with Malevaje. I didn’t like the line they were taking.

How do you see the music scene in Castelló?
-There is a tremendous and high quality musical activity, although now are not good times.


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