“Casting for the successor of the family”: how women choose the father of their unborn child

Attractive exterior features

At the same time, it is important for the future mother that her baby is born with a good set of genes. A potential father should be proportionately complex, without excess weight, since the latter is fraught with metabolic problems, diabetes and other diseases in the heirs. The muscles of a man should also be expressed (the father is still obliged to be a protector), but this is not a priority feature.

Girls pay much more attention to the beauty of the face. Ladies are attracted to men by a proportionately folded face, a high forehead, and expressive features. All this guarantees not only the birth of the same beautiful offspring, but also that it will not inherit genetic diseases. Physical beauty is the main indicator of good genes and physical health.

A high forehead is also very important, indicating a developed intellect. Males with low foreheads usually cannot boast of high IQ, and this inevitably entails living on the lower rungs of the social ladder. Only a smart father will be able to provide his offspring with a decent existence and pass on their magnificent characteristics to them. All this women track in male appearance instinctively.

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