Catholic Christmas 2023. Bright congratulations in prose, poetry and SMS

Catholic Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. Bright and warm congratulations in prose, poems and SMS – in our selection.



Pleasant congratulations on Catholic Christmas in prose

Congratulations on a magical holiday – Catholic Christmas! May the Christmas star illuminate your path and help you fulfill all your cherished desires. May comfort always reign in your home, harmony, abundance, happiness and love.

Merry Christmas! Let peace reign in the house, let ringing laughter be heard and happy eyes burn. Wish, so that the house goes around bad weather and sorrow, and grief did not find its way to the threshold.

Happy holiday! Catholic Christmas brings light to homes, repentance and magic. We wish you peace, serenity, benevolence and grace. Let the heart be open to love, calm soul, and the body always remains healthy and young!

Christmas and New Year.


Pleasant congratulations on Catholic Christmas in verse

At Christmas
Dreams come true,
Let there be a lot of happiness
And a sea of ​​kindness!

Wish you luck
And many clear days
Love big, hot
And loyal friends!

Merry Christmas in December
I heartily congratulate
And divine miracles
I sincerely wish you!

Let the soul be renewed
Let the snow become brighter
Let it heal without sinning –
And happiness will not deceive!

Catholic Church,
Here the bells are ringing
Positive Christmas to you,
Happiness, joy, good!

sun, hard frost,
And drawings on the window
Joy, good luck, laughter
Fulfillment of a dream!

Christmas time. Christmas.


Pleasant congratulations on Catholic Christmas in SMS

Merry Christmas!
May the Lord keep you
And December bright day
The world wants to love.

May goodness and warmth
Eternally reign in the family,
And the dream will come true
And lucky you and me!

Catholicism meets
An important holiday is Christmas.
On this day I wish you
Only good things!

Grace and Prosperity
To fill your house
Life flowed easily and sweetly,
Happiness entered the door secretly!

Congratulations, christians,
On the bright holiday of Christmas,
Let it shine in the sky today
You are a magical star.

I wish you without measure
Happiness, joy, love,
May Jesus give faith
God bless you all!

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