Celebrity Cruises statement on departures to Alaska

We reached out to provide you with an update on the status of your client’s 2021 cruise vacation. The Government of Canada recently announced continued port closures for all cruises through February 28, 2022. To comply with these closures, Celebrity Cruises has put all voyages with embarkation or port of call in Canada on hold. We are currently working to determine whether it is possible to operate these trips without a call at a foreign port. However, until a decision is made on this matter, these departures will remain closed, but your client’s reservation will remain valid.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes, as we value your customer’s vacation time and want to make sure they have the best possible experience on a Celebrity cruise. At this time, we would like to offer your customers the opportunity to hold their reservation until a final determination can be made on the status of their navigation or they can be relocated to another Celebrity Cruises vacations in 2022. Your customers will also have the option to receive a certificate for a future cruise of 125% (FCC) or a refund of 100%. If your customers booked a trip for May 2021 and choose to keep their reservation, the final payment date will be extended by 45 days.

Below is a summary of compensation options for guests who have not previously canceled per our Cruise with Confidence policy.

Offer Change the existing reservation to the next sailing year. The original cruise fare price and promotion will be protected by selecting an alternate trip of the same itinerary type, ship, cruise length, and room category within 1 week of the original departure date. 125% On a Certificate for a Future Cruise to use before April 30, 2022 on trips departing before September 30, 2022 100% Refund paid, requesting it before June 20, 2021.
What needs to be done? To change your client’s reservation, contact Celebrity Cruises for Mexico: DF 5555251977 / INT. 800 2250555 or with a representative in Latin America. The FCC, Certificate for a Future Cruise will be automatically issued to all guests To request a refund for a customer contact us at or through Espresso “Cancellation Form” on CruisingPower.com under “Brand programs and news” and in Mexico contact the following numbers DF 5555251977 / INT. 800 2250555.
Commission protection The commission will be protected on reservations paid in full. The commission is protected both in the canceled reservation and in the new reservation made with your certificate, as long as it is paid in full The commission will only be protected on fully paid canceled reservations

Your clients will have the option to keep their cruise vacation plans to the same destination and reschedule for next year, on the same ship, to sail within a week of their originally scheduled departure. If your customers made a reservation on a Celebrity Alaska or Canadian Rockies pre-cruise, they can also upgrade to the same tour next year, depending on availability. Contact us to take advantage of this offer.

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If your customers prefer not to rebook, they will have the option to cancel and receive 125% on a Future Cruise Certificate (FCC) valid for use before April 30, 2022 on trips departing September 30, 2022 or before. The value of the FCC would be calculated based on the amounts paid for your cruise and will be processed before April 16, 2021 by email. Cruise fees and taxes would be reimbursed separately to your original form of payment within 60 days of cancellation.

If your customers prefer a 100% refund to their original payment method, unlike the FCC, you can contact us anytime until June 30, 2021. To request a refund in LACAR on your customer’s behalf, send the Request through the “Crucero con Confianza” at CruisingPower.com under “Brand programs and news” and in Mexico contact the following numbers DF 5555251977 / INT. 800 2250555. Refunds will be received at least 60 days after application is submitted, cruise fees and taxes will be refunded separately. Please note that if your customers have already canceled their trip taking advantage of our Cruise with Confidence program and rebooked on a trip that has now been put on hold, they will not be eligible to cancel for a refund; however, your FCC can be reinstated.

Additionally, if your customers choose to cancel their reservation and have pre-booked shore excursions, drinks, Internet, special dinners, or other onboard packages, through Celebrity Cruises, they will receive a 100% refund for these items. These charges will be automatically refunded in full to your original payment method and displayed as a separate transaction. Guests with independent arrangements for shore excursions should contact their tour operators as soon as possible.

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Guests with separate air agreements should contact their airlines directly to make all required cancellations.

As our valued partners, we recognize the work that goes into planning your clients’ cruise vacations, and of course we want to ensure that you receive fair compensation. For this reason, your commission earnings will be protected both in canceled reservations, paid in full, and in future reservations in which the corresponding FCC is redeemed, as well as in any reservation rescheduled for the following year.

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