Change to Illinois Law Goes into Effect Providing New Guidelines for Smoke Detectors | Videos | Univision Chicago WGBO

erika: already entered into forcea new law that seeksensure that the majorityof the housesworking.enrique: good georgeafternoon.Jorge: $100 each month,but before they will have torun 90 days beforeapply these fines.from this samelate check yoursmoke detectors.when was the last timethat I check if yoursmoke detectors areworkingcorrectly, entereda new law is in forceforces us toresidents to checkthat they are law, from 1988 allthe houses you must havesmoke alarms. and thea new one in forcemodification: thesmoke detectorsthey must have onealliance for thesafety of theinsomnios from illinoismade a call torun tests on yoursmoke detectors yes nothey work, replace themimmediately.>> it’s something we mustto change all, thistype of alarms werelong lasting>> simple, nosfire detectors thatlifeguards work.reduce risks inthe experts is thatwhen you walk through thehallways, locate thesmoke detectors, and ifsees them yellowprobably notthey workthese detectors,0$10 $20. in the lastfive years 485 peopledied in fires.most of thefires occurredwhere we detectors fromsmoke were notworkingproperly. who isbreak the law tend90 days to change yoursmoke detectors yes nothey do, they may havea $100 fine.In addition to that $100 theamount could arriveup to $1500, whenchanging them can cost

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