Charivari, best of 2020 – Champagne FM


the reflection of the musical scene in Champagne-Ardenne.

To end the year, the Champagne FM podcast offers you a look back at some of the best moments of the series.

This week, we invite you to travel around Champagne-Ardenne from north to south, looking back on the paths of three artists with three different styles.

Greg Blanchon and the OK Choral group in Reims

Norlan Soeh in Charleville-Mézières

Student Kay in Troyes

Charivari – best Of 2

Music credits: OK Choral

: Provided the night is long OK Choral

: Collision OK Choral

: Fear of heights Student Kay

: I dream Student Kay

: Intro Milt Jackson and Wes Montgomery


: When suddenly Student Kay

: I dance Yoko Kanno

– nc17 (Zankyou no Terror OST) Student Kay

: I get used to Norlan Soeh |

: It’s not worth it Ridsa

: I’m going to

Liens :

OK Choral Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Soundcloud : Youtube :

Student KayClip “I compose” : Kay concert – Palme 2020 – at the Chapelle Argence : Concert at the Zebrock – Huma Festival : Facebook

: @studentkay Instagram

: @student_kay Twitter

: @KayStudent Youtube

: Student Kay

Norlan Soeh | Youtube : Facebook : Instagram : Clip shooting video :

Charivari, the reflection of the musical scene in Champagne-Ardenne.

An original Champagne FM production, with the support of Apy Bank, Crédit Agricole du Nord Est’s online bank.

Each episode honors an artist or a group from Champagne-Ardenne. Who are they ?



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