‘Checo’ Pérez achieves 3rd place in qualifying for the US GP; Verstappen takes pole – El Financiero

‘Checo’ Pérez gave battle during Q3 of the qualifying for him GP of EU, to be held tomorrow in the city of Arizona.

During Q1 the driver from Guadalajara was third, just two tenths behind Charles Leclerc. By a minimal margin, they subtracted Pérez from a lap marked by exceeding the limits of the track.

‘Checo’ got around one more problem in Q2 due to the medium tires, which left him in position seven.

For Q3, the tapatío came back and managed to position himself in the number 1 position for much of that day.

Finally ‘Checo’ Pérez was in position number three for the start of the US GP, Hamilton in second and Verstappen took pole.

In the last practice prior to qualifying for the United States Grand Prix was headed by ‘Checo’ Pérez, led the second and third sessions. For their part, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton developed the session without major altercation.

However, both drivers set a rivalry precedent, once again, on Friday when the Dutchman made a gesture with his finger the Briton and ‘branded’ him a “stupid idiot” when they ran down the straight.

During the practices Sergio Pérez and Verstappen They showed that Red Bull is ready to compete at the Circuit of the Americas. Hamilton, with Mercedes, was sixth before qualifying.

The US Grand Prix will be held on Sunday, October 24 at 2:00 p.m.


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