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THE LIGHT DARK. In the North American city of Detroit, Michigan, the young Caucasian Robert Pattinson attended his first day as a firefighter at one of the “smoke swallower” stations.

The summer heat made it necessary to take measures to cool down the muggy afternoons and, for this, Robert stocked up on a tropical fruit path that would quench his thirst and he would share with his companions with this “icebreaker” food: a phenomenal and fresh watermelon.

The newcomer’s emotional initiative had immediate consequences: Termination of his employment with instant effect by Fire Commissioner Eric Jones.

“At the Detroit Fire Department, we have zero tolerance for discriminatory behavior, where a fellow officer was offensive and racially insensitive. It was determined to fire the employee as the best action.

The war of secession that took place in the American Union, where the army of the North fought that of the South, achieving the emancipation from slavery of African-Americans who served the empowered southern caciques, had a peculiar history in the watermelon.

Black slaves were the protagonists of the frequent rebellions against injustices. A peculiar way of living together was tasting this wild fruit.

Judging by those who observed them, blacks in general were lazy people who made up their lives and peace of mind by eating watermelon.

Since then, laziness, watermelon and the Afro-American race have been related as a racial sentiment that offends those who even today dare to mention it.

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign did not escape this fetish, in public speeches on his way to the first chair he was the object of contempt from opponents who threw watermelons precisely, to remind him of his slave origin.

But no, Latinos and especially Mexicans are not that different.

The recent world soccer fair held in Qatar would give us back a bit of that sense of how the world sees us and the internal struggle within our country, which we face without distinction.

An Argentine journalist -Flavio Azzaro- referred to us the mediocrity of the Mexican in general in the football aspect (he recognized the Mexican talent for boxing, in counterpart) and gave rise to that Mexico that had just lost the contest against Messi to join their voices to dismiss the “ninguneo” in which he placed the nation, derived from football.

And these stereotypes spread, much with the help of cinematography, where Latinos are characterized by their preference for weapons and violence, drug trafficking and a mediocrity and conformism in general.

There will not be a significant percentage of the population that accepts Yalitza Aparicio or Danny Trejo (machete) as symbols. Hardly Salma Hayek or Thalía would be something more accepted by national patriotism.

But the world does not really know how this country is subdivided, where the true genes are divided between neoliberals, fifis, chairos, corrupt and those who receive government support.

just like that There are no creoles, mestizos, whites, Sephardim or any mixture.

For this reason, in the face of a foreign attack – the hymn mentions it – the social base makes common cause and does not know the attacker.

The cactus on the forehead, being “dark”, fugitives from the petate, drummed down from the hill and so many adjectives that disqualify us and point out Afro-Americans like watermelons, naturally prevent us from seeing the greatness of Mexico, which was capable of inventing the color television, the contraceptive pill, solid rain!, the flying belt (Mexican jet pack), nanomedicine against cancer and so many things that make us great in the eyes of the world.

We gave them a pentapichichi and they called it an Indian.

How much more is left to put aside the segregation of races, where we are the product of the sum of all? Since before the Spanish Conquest.

COLOPHON: Tenoch Huerta is “Namor” in the Hollywood movie “Wakanda Forever.” He is the new Black Panther and portrays a Talokan mutant demigod, native to the Mayan culture.

The forty-year-old young man does represent us before the world. He is in fashion.

The question -very serious- implies a reasoning… under which character do you infer to be recognized by you, as our image before the world? Namor… or Caro Quintero.

El “fifí”, neoliberal or chairo are domestic adjectives…

It is not the Indian’s fault, but the one who makes him compadre

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