Chiefs, Eagles and Vikings could clinch for playoffs in Week 14

Learn about the combinations that Kansas City, Philadelphia and Minnesota require to raise their hands as the first guests to the next postseason

The week 13 of the regular season of the NFL he could have thrown us the first two ticket-in-hand guests to the upcoming postseason party.

But neither of the two teams, both from the National Conference —Philadelphia Eagles y Minnesota Vikings–, they achieved the necessary combination to ensure, from now on, their presence in the playoffs.

For Week 14, however, the scenarios are simplified a bit, in addition to the addition of a team from the american conferencelos Kansas City Chiefssuch as the tables with a mathematical chance of qualifying for the postseason.

These would be the necessary scenarios that would allow us to meet the first guests to the next postseason of the NFL, In the absence of five days of activity in the current regular season:

Even after the setback before the Cincinnati Bengals last day, with which they momentarily lost first place in the sowing of the AFClos Chiefs they’re one step closer to clinching an eighth straight postseason.

They are 9-3 in the AL West, three games behind their closest rival, Los Angeles Chargers.

The Chiefs enter Week 14 with a chance to win a sixth straight division title when they face the Chiefs next Sunday. Denver Broncos. They only require a simple combination:

the victory of Kansas City compared to Denvercoupled with a setback for the Angelenos against the Miami Dolphins in primetime, would result in the crown of the AFC West for the Chiefsand with it the first ticket to the postseason in the entire american conference.

The team with the best brand in the whole NFL it got to 11-1, but it lies in the toughest division in the league. In Week 13, a postseason berth was at hand, but the far-fetched combinations of results it required didn’t happen on the field.

For the week 14there are two paths that can lead to Philly to the postseason. One, which is in his hands, and another that can be reached with external help, by the san francisco 49ers y Seattle Seahawksresidents of West from National.

Clearly, the easiest path involves the Eagles visiting their divisional rivals New York Giantsand a win in MetLife Stadium would suffice to ensure that Philadelphia finish with one of the top seven brands in the NFC, no matter what happens in the last four days of the regular season. But even if they Giants give the surprise, the combination of disasters of 49ers y Seahawks –facing Tampa Bay Buccaneers y Carolina Panthersrespectively– would be enough to officially guarantee that Philly for second consecutive Year.

As in the case of Philadelphia, Minnesota also came to the week 13 with the possibility of earning a ticket to the postseason, although the combination of results did not favor him. As is also the case with Eaglesthe stage was greatly facilitated for the week 14with the proviso that, for the Vikesthe road leads to a divisional title.

Everything is in the hands of Vikings towards the crown of the NFC Norte on the fourteenth date, and there is only one divisional rival that separates this club from its first divisional title since 2017, the Detroit Lionsto those who visit this weekend in Ford Field.

Los Vikings they already defeated Detroit this season, 28-24, and a sweep in the series would be a monumental milestone for the rookie head coach. Kevin O’Connell in his debut campaign at the helm of an NFL team.

Eliminated from the competition

Although neither of the two teams with mathematical possibilities of getting a ticket to the postseason achieved the goal in the week 13we did meet the first two teams officially eliminated from any playoff chance, one per conference.

Los Houston Texans y Chicago Bearsboth defeated last day, have been mathematically left without any chance of sneaking into the next postseason, and there is nothing left to think about next year for those franchises.

Use: Each week, the different playoff scenarios will be updated for the teams that are mathematically able to guarantee a ticket to the postseason.

Additionally, you can check here the combinations that can take your favorite team to the postseason party in the ESPN Playoff Machinesimulating the results of the games that remain to be played in the regular season.

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